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About 2 Dots International

2 Dots International is a prominent import and export company specializing in a wide range of goods. As an exporter, we offer an extensive selection of products, including Recycle Paper (OCC All Grades & Fiber), Plastic, Used Engine Oil, Pine Logs, and numerous others. Our commitment to quality and reliability has positioned us as a trusted supplier in the international market.

Product Sourcing and Quality Assurance

Reliable Exporter

As an exporter, we are committed to providing superior quality products to our global customers. Our strong network of suppliers and meticulous quality control measures ensure that we deliver products that meet international standards.

Efficient Logistics and Documentation

Strong Partnerships

We maintain robust relationships with suppliers and clients across the globe. These partnerships enable us to ensure a steady supply of quality products and provide our customers with efficient and reliable trade solutions.

Customer Satisfaction and Relationship Building

Growth and Innovation

2 Dots International is dedicated to continuous growth and innovation. We actively seek new product lines and explore emerging markets to stay ahead of industry trends and offer our clients innovative solutions.

What We Do

Our Products

Connect, Import, Export.

At 2 Dots International, we specialize in import and export services, connecting businesses across the globe and facilitating trade in a wide range of products. With a strong focus on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.


We source and import a diverse array of products to meet the specific needs of our clients. From tiles and oil additives to gunny bags and more, we strive to provide reliable solutions that cater to various industries and market demands.

Sourcing, Procuring, Acquiring.

Explore a World of Possibilities: Discover our diverse range of imported products and unlock new opportunities for your business. Start importing today!
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As exporters, we offer a comprehensive range of products to international markets. Our expertise lies in exporting goods such as recycle paper (OCC All Grades & Fiber), plastic, used engine oil, pine logs, and more.

Selling, Shipping, Distributing.

Expand Your Global Reach: Tap into new markets and maximize your business potential with our high-quality export products. Take your business to new heights by exporting with us!
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What We Do

What We Export

Recycled Paper

Waste Plastic

Oil Tank Storage

Pine Logs

Metal Scrap

What We Do

What We Import

Oil Additives

Jumbo Bags

Flexi Tanks

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